Types of Trucks

Not many of us know that there are different types of trucks and various types of trailers as well. All these different types of trucks and trailers have different uses and applications. To help you learn about the variety of trucks and trailers available, the professional heavy duty dealers have listed the various types.



Everyone is familiar with a heavy duty truck’s appearance. They are massive and powerful heavy duty vehicles that are designed to transport heavy cargoes. Similar to the suction excavators, fire trucks, and concrete mixers, these types of commercial trucks can be configured to mount specialized equipment.

Tow Truck

This is one type of commercial truck that is used to haul vehicles in case of an accident. These types of trucks are also used in moving improperly parked vehicles. Tow trucks are also commonly called as breakdown, wreckers, and recovery vehicles.

Semi-trailer Truck

Semi-trailer trucks are one of the special types of commercial trucks. They have a combination of a tractor unit and semi-trailer. One of the major uses of semi-trailer trucks is to transport cargoes. The semi-trailer truck is attached to the tractor unit and this tractor unit is used to carry the heavy loads. The semi-trailer trucks are used in almost all industries.

Box Truck

This is one of the types of commercial trucks having a rear door that rolls up. The size of box trucks varies from 4 – 7 meters in length. These types of trucks are most commonly used to haul furniture appliances, most probably in cases of moving-in and moving-out.

Flatbed Truck

This is one of the unique types of commercial trucks. They do not have a roof or side supports. The flatbed truck has a complete flat body that makes it ideal for transporting heavy loads that take up more space than the closed trucks can offer.

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Types of Trailers


Beverage Trailer

These are cargo trailers that are designed in order to transport beverages in cans or bottles. It has side roller shutter doors that are made to provide easy access while loading and offloading the beverages.

Cargo Trailer

Ideal for carrying different types of cargoes, these trailers are available in all sizes ranging from small to large.

ATV Trailer

These types of cargo trailers are made for terrain vehicles and are very convenient for traveling on terrain and rough roads.

Chemical Trailer

These are special cargo trailers designed to carry special chemicals over long distances. They have a sealed tank which avoids spillage of concentrated chemicals.

Car Carrier

Car carriers are cargo trailers that are designed to hold the cars in place during a long haul. They come with special clamps that help secure the vehicles to the carrier.

Chipper Trailer

These types of cargo trailers are specially designed to transport wood chippers. Chipper trailers are capable of carrying heavy loads.

Equipment Trailer

These are equipped with tail ramps that can be used for transporting heavy equipment.

There are so many different types of trucks and trailers that you can choose from. Talk to the heavy duty dealers to find out which one is the best for you.