2020 CM Truck Beds SZ Model

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PRICE: $12,700.00
YEAR: 2020
MAKE: CM Truck Beds
STOCK#: 11980_TCM029642SZ

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CM Truck Deck – Hay Bail mover Model

Make: CM
Model: SZ
Type: Truck Deck
Size: 8’6″/87/42

Integrated tube headache rack
Our headache racks are designed with the best and strongest materials to keep you safe when the unexpected happens. We don’t use our headache rack to house the hydraulic fluid; we use it to protect the most valuable asset on the truck-you!

Integrated hydraulic pump system
Our Pump system is integrated into the body making our squeeze bed one of the sleekest squeeze beds in the business. Furthermore; we don’t utilize the headache rack for fluid; its easily accessible in our recessed hydraulic fluid reservoir.

Standard LED lighting
Safety matters; and so does maintenance. At CM Truck Beds; we use LED lights on all of our bodies which are brighter and require less maintenance than any bed on the market today.

30000 lb. rated B&W gooseneck hitch with 7 way electrical plug
This is a best in class; independently tested gooseneck hitch that will remain durable throughout your hauls; no matter what they may be. It also contains a 7 way electrical plug to give you ample choices for your power-driven needs.

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92 Cook Rd. (Corner of Hwy 1 & Hwy 8 North), Moosomin, Saskatchewan, S0G 3N0