2022 Misc 919 9000A

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PRICE: $1,495.00
YEAR: 2022
MAKE: Misc
MODEL: 919 9000A
STOCK#: 19615_GBA810027

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Pre-Selling: Labtronics Model 919 Grain Moisture Tester with **Case ($1350 without case) Comes with Scale; measure cup; & Charts

The Labtronics Model 919 Grain Moisture Tester has proven to be both durable and reliable in the agricultural industry. It features a 3.5″ removable cell for fast; accurate; and easy grain testing.

This moisture meter is available as a kit; including a digital scale; a Celsius thermometer; 120V ; 60 Hz AC/DC; and a complete set of charts (**Storage case special price. See below).

Rugged Construction: Made with die-cast aluminum housing for maximum durability.

Fast & Easy Testing: The percentage of moisture can be obtained from a sample in less than a minute.

Portable: A 9-volt DC plug is included; allowing the unit to be easily transported and used under any field conditions.

**Includes case special for Model 919 moisture tester and digital scale. This custom designed case fits any Model 919 moisture meter…new or old. Install and use you Model 919 directly inside the case along with any digital scale. Protects you moisture meter when not in use and allows for easy transport. Made of durable ABS plastic with secure places for the cell and dump tube. Economical design. (**While supplies last).

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