2019 Wil-Rich VT

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PRICE: $450.00
YEAR: 2019
MAKE: Wil-Rich

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Wil-Rich Vertical Tillage Attachment

Trouble seeding in wet fields?

This attachment from Wil-Rich allows you to convert your chisel plow into a vertical tillage tool so you can dry and aerate your fields – the perfect tool for managing high residue farming.

The attachment uses wavy coulters that can be attached to the chisel plow shank. You don’t have to buy extra; expensive equipment! The down pressure on each shank stays uniform across the entire chisel plow. The shanks also act as a scraper for the coulters; letting you till wet and sticky soils.

Why Vertical Tillage?

  • Aerate and warm spring soil for earlier planting in cold and wet conditions
  • Mix residue with soil to control erosion
  • High-speed preparation of your field: 8-12 miles per hour (13-19 kph)
  • Condition soil in high residue situations before or after fall tillage preparations
  • Cuts through crop residue at high speed
  • Less receptive to blade damage and plugging by mounting blades to individual shanks vs. gang-mounted style
  • Uniform working depth across unit
  • Cost savings – converts your chisel plow to a multi-purpose tool
  • Vertical Tillage Specifications

  • 10′ – 59′ (3-18 m)
  • Dual-mounted 17″ (43 cm) diameter blades
  • Blades

  • 1 three quarters” (4 cm) wave (8 waves)
  • Blade Diameter 17″
  • Heavy-duty bearings with triple lip seals
  • Spacing

  • 6″ (15 cm) spacing between blades – fits most shanks on 12″ (30 cm) shank spacing
  • Power Requirements

  • 7-10 horsepower per foot (17-24 kW per meter) speeds of 8-12 mph (13-19 kph) for best results
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    Dealer Information

    2310 Sparrow Drive, Nisku, Alberta T9E 8A2, Canada