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PRICE: $48,000.00
YEAR: 2018
MAKE: Wheatheart
STOCK#: 8079_AUGSTO2018047


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Wheatheart Storm FX Seed Treater

The STORM FX provides the ultimate seed treating solution for modern day farming operations. Save time and money with one of the most innovative; and easy to use seed treaters on the market.

Unlike other seed treaters; the STORM FX accurately measures untreated seed directly from the bin. It precisely meters and applies the seed treatment; gently mixes the seed for even coverage; then transfers the treated seed into the truck ready to be planted in the field.

A fast and easy way to treat seed

  • Portable Design – move from bin to bin with the robust mover kit or from site to site by towing.
  • Gentle Seed Handling – flighting that is gentle enough for delicate commodities like soybean.
  • Flexible – maximum reach and simplified lift-to-bin connection for large diameter bins.
  • Touchscreen – pre-programmed treatments and intuitive software storage.
  • Newly Redesigned Boot Cleanout System – easier cleaning for the user.
  • Updated controller Station – pumps; calibration and metering all in one place for ease of use
  • Upgraded Tires – improved ribbed grip to prevent slippage during wet or winter conditions.
  • Cylinder Wiper – to help with better remove product from tube and prevent staining of cylinders.
  • Standard Features:

  • Vanguard 33 HP EFI Engine
  • Equipped with clevis hitch and safety chains
  • Low speed mover with high flotation tires and hydraulic steering
  • 5 TO 30 BU/MIN (900 TO 1800 LBS/MIN @ 60 LBS/BU
  • Accurate Seed Metering – controlled treatment flow to ensure the right amount is applied to every seed; every time.
  • Please note: Needs external power to operate
    – Requires 240 VAC single phase x 30 amps to operate conveyor and pumps

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    Dealer Information

    2310 Sparrow Drive, Nisku, Alberta T9E 8A2, Canada