2019 Schulte FX 1800

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PRICE: $25,600.00
YEAR: 2019
MAKE: Schulte
MODEL: FX 1800
STOCK#: 10223_SCH41901

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Schulte Cutters are legendary throughout the mowing industry for being the toughest and most dependable mowers on the market. Standard features on the Schulte FX-1800 mower:

  • A single domed 7 ga continuously welded deck makes the cutter extremely easy to cleanprevents water pooling and rusting and helps shed debris.
  • 6.5 ” blade overlap and high blade tip speeds.
  • A four gearbox drive line with independent slip clutches.The FX-1800 utilizes heavy-duty and extremely reliable Bondioli gearboxes.The splitter has 1 3/4 ” 20 spline input and output shafts and is rated at 260hp. The centre and wing boxes have 1 3/4 ” 20 spine input shafts2 3/8 ” down shafts and are rated at 210hp.
  • An 80 degree CV shaft allows for smooth power transmission during tight turns.The CV for 540 rpm is a Category 6 and for 1000 rpm is a category 5 The driveline on the cutter itself employs self adjusting friction clutches to protect your investment and always operate at peak performance.All clutches are located under the main shield for ease of service.
  • Spun formed 7 gauge stump jumpers (round skid pans) ensure durability and balance.
  • This unit has:

  • Safety Light Kit
  • 1000 RPM PTO
  • Adjustable Clevis
  • Chain Guards Double Front and Rear
  • Walking Center
  • Single Axle Kit for L&R Wings
  • Solid Laminated Tire 6x9x20
  • Cutting width: 180″ (4.57m)
    Overall width: 190″ (4.83m)
    Overall length:202 ” (5.13m)
    Transport width: 93″ (2.36m) (Singles on wings) 102″ (2.59m) (Duals on wings)
    Transport height:84″(2.13m)
    Weight; approx.: 4500 lbs (2041kg) to 5050lbs (2291kg)
    Minimum tractor HP:50 HP (37kW)
    Recommended tractor HP: 85 HP (67kW)
    Cutting height: 1.5 to 17.5″ (38 to 456mm)
    Ground clearance: 14.75″(42.5mm)
    Cutting capacity: 4″ material (102mm)

    Financing and Leasing Available!

    Greaseable hinge line turnbuckles help to reduce wear and aid in long life of the cutter’s parallel lifting mechanism. FX-1800 / FX-1200 side skirts are 13 5/8″ deep. This additional room under the deck; along with high blade tip speeds; allows for a better cut and better material flow. We use extemely strong and durable 517 hubs and spindles with built in metal seal guards on this cutter to tackle any type of terrain. A one piece center shield allows for easy and full access to drivelines; clutches and gearboxes on the center section.This cutter has replaceable skid shoes which are made out of 3/8″ thick Abrasion Resistant steel.The center wheel standard is constructed from large 5 9/16″ O.D. x 3/8″ thick HSS round tubing and the wing wheel standards are made with 4″ O.D. X 3/8″ thick HSS round tubing.
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    2310 Sparrow Drive, Nisku, Alberta T9E 8A2, Canada