2014 Schulte FM 350

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PRICE: $7,990.00
YEAR: 2014
MAKE: Schulte
STOCK#: 12979_SCH77410

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Schulte Snow Blower FM 350 Tractor Front Mount Kit *Special clearance price. Was $10500; sale price $7990 *Save $2510 !!

  • Enjoy the convenience; comfort and improved performance of a front mounted snow blower. No matter how much snow you need to move you will appreciate the FM-350.
  • The FM-350 gives you the ability to mount your 3pt snow blower on the front of your tractor instead of on the tractor’s rear 3pt hitch.
  • Better visibility and ergonomics when coupled with a Schulte Snow Blower.
  • Blowing snow while driving forward; is more efficient than blowing snow in reverse.
  • The FM-350 allows you an increased selection of travel speeds; as your tractor has many more forward gears then reverse gears. This increased gearing selection will result in better snow blowing performance and less wear and tear on the tractor clutch; and your neck.
  • The FM-350 is available without a drive train to be used with the Schulte SV series of Folding V Plows.
  • Accommodates tractors between 151″ and 211″ measured from front mount plate to drawbar pin
  • Weight: 1650 lbs
  • Tractor HP: 250HP max
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    Dealer Information

    2310 Sparrow Drive, Nisku, Alberta T9E 8A2, Canada