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PRICE: $48,500.00
YEAR: 2018
MAKE: Leon
MODEL: 1700
STOCK#: 7931_LNR20861711


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Leons 17 Yard Model 1700 Land Scraper
*In stock special clearance price*

  • Heaped capacity 16.93 Cubic Yards
  • Hydraulic forced ejected
  • Dolly wheel
  • GPS-Laser ready
  • 200 HP (Max 425 HP)
  • 10.5 inch clearance
  • Spreading depth 0 to 14 inches
  • Cutting depth 0 to 11 inches
  • 102 in cutting width
  • Overall height 80″
  • 12200 lbs overall weight
  • 8 bolt rim
  • Welded Uniframe Construction – The construction utilizes heavy tubular steel frame. The reinforced steel sidewalls; floor; front gate and rear push gate with high rear spill plate guarantees long lasting durability.

    Structural Strength – Scientifically designed structural strength is verified by Engineers using computerized Finite Element Analysis to simulate working conditions.

    Unique LEON Ball Steering – LEON Land Scrapers heavy duty ball type steering permits unrestricted easy steering control even in tough; hard working or pulling conditions.

    Heavy Duty Hubs Spindles; and Rims – Dust sealed 8 bolt studded hubs with tapered roller bearings; spindles gusseted to maintain straight position under severe bumps and industrial-grade 8 bolts Rims throughout to handle selected tires.

    Excellent Blade Visibility – The cutting blade and front gate are positioned for the operator’s full vision during loading and ejection of the materials.

    Synchronized Hydraulic Control – LEON’s synchronized Hydraulic System provides the operator with total control of depth of cut when loading and with depth of front ejection while dumping and leveling.

    Laser Depth Sensor – All LEON models are designed to incorporate laser technology. An effective laser system can help make land leveling easier and less expensive than alternative methods.

    Maximum Ground Clearance – Maximum ground clearance when the cutting edge is in the raised position enables the operator successful ejection of the materials.

    Baked-on Powder Paint Finish – All LEON Models offer tough durable outer paint coverage after pre paint metal shot-blast cleaning process. This state-of-the-art finishing process ensures a professional and attractive appearance.

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