2019 J&M 1012-20S

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PRICE: $63,000.00
YEAR: 2019
MODEL: 1012-20S
STOCK#: 11887_GCT1902475


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J&M 1012-20S X-Tended Reach Red Grain Cart

The new X-Tended Reach models offer greater and straighter; upward; outward and forward reach. The in-line auger design allows the grain to quickly travel straight from lower to upper auger; while the low side of the grain cart features a bolt-on tank design that extends toward the combine auger for additional two feet.

  • 1025 BU Capacity
  • Tarp
  • PTO Drive
  • X-Tended Reach
  • Leaner Series
  • 20″ Bullet Auger
  • 900/60R32 Lug Tires (176LI)(Alliance)
  • Safety Chain
  • Roll Tarp
  • Total Weight (appox.) 12900 lbs.
  • The X-Tended Reach Series of grain carts continues
    this trend; having recently been awarded another U.S. patent for its unique auger design. The 12 Series X-Tended Reach design
    continues to offer the operator 100% visibility during unloading AND equally important 100% visibility during the folding sequence.
    But the rigid upper auger has been X-Tended for even greater outward; upward and forward reach; all while folding diagonally along the front of the cart for compact storage.

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    2310 Sparrow Drive, Nisku, Alberta T9E 8A2, Canada