2023 Gatco Mfg 8/10

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PRICE: $1,995.00
YEAR: 2023
MAKE: Gatco Mfg
MODEL: 8/10

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Gatco Auger Hog

  • 8″ Auger Hog (10″ Unit with an 8″ Gasket – sold separately)
  • 10″ Auger Hog (Wheatheart; Westfield; FarmKing need adapter – 12 1/2″)
  • * Optional Fertilizer Screen pictured extra $125
  • The Auger Hog is the adjustable; detachable grain auger hopper for your load out grain auger. It attaches and detaches in seconds with a single mount pin; stays on your auger between bins; and adjusts from 12″ to 29″ in height merely by moving the handle. Due to the Auger Hog’s u-trough design; it also increases the average augers speed by 20-25%; prevents any product loss to spitting; blowing or overflowing; and cleans out almost completely when finished.

    Using industrial grade canvas and powder-coated steel; the Auger Hog is built farm tough and ready for the heaviest work load. The built in safety screen keeps you safe while you load grain. Move your grain faster; easier and safer with the Auger Hog.

    Fits on all Meridian (Sakundiak); Westfield; Wheatheart; Brandt and Farm King grain augers. No welding required. If you have a 10″ Supercharged Brandt you will need to go to the 12/13″ Auger Hog.

    Powder coated steel; collapsible hopper can be locked in 10 different positions to fit any discharge height; works under hopper bins; flat bottom bin unloads; grain trailers and grain dryers. Attaches/detaches in seconds with single pin. Heavy duty skid plate; easy cleanout with bottom slide gate.

    New optional Fertilizer Screen (pictured in slides) diverts lumps to the side of the hopper and lets the auger continue to load fertilizer.

    Extra’s and prices:

  • 13″ Auger Hog (AH15-00) – 15 1/2″ opening *Sells for $1995
  • Gasket 8″ Auger to 10″ Auger Hog (AH02-85) $70
  • Gasket 10″ Auger to 10″ Auger Hog (AH02-80) – need if auger is at steep angle $70
  • Hitch Adapter (AH01-02) – required for Wheatheart; Westfield; Farm King $70
  • Fertilizer Screen AH8/10 (AH02-901) $125
  • Rubber Flashing (AH01-70) $70
  • Canvas Replacement $150
  • Deliveries are available; ask your salesperson for details.
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    Dealer Information

    2310 Sparrow Drive, Nisku, Alberta T9E 8A2, Canada