2019 Batco BCX2 1549 FMD Undermount

Item Information

PRICE: $30,900.00
YEAR: 2019
MAKE: Batco
MODEL: BCX2 1549 FMD Undermount
STOCK#: 10328_HDF00110

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Batco BCX2 1549 Field Loader with Undermount 32 HP Kohler Engine

Batco conveyors specialize in gentle handling at a high capacity with low maintenance. Batco’s belt conveyors minimize impact damage and help protect grade quality and germination performance of seed.

After taking feedback from customers; Batco has built their best field loader yet. The BCX2 1549 field loader has been engineered for ease of maintenance; optimized containment and maximum speed.


  • Removable skid plate under intake hopper – updated from previous models; the removable skid plate protects the belt from potential damage due to debris; and allows easy access for maintenance on bearings.
  • Increased capacity – up to 8% increased capacity due to enhanced intake design and transition
  • Angle indicator – provides a visual to ensure optimal positioning in order to maintain capacity.
  • S-drive belt tensioner – visual indicator on belt tension which allows you to monitor and easily adjust tension to remain in the safe operating range.
  • 15″ wide belt; 10″ tube diameter
  • 49′ length
  • Capacity up to 10000 bu/h
  • Belt length 107’2″
  • Discharge height 20.8′
  • Overall height 8.8′
  • Overall length 49′
  • Total Weight 1966 LBS
  • 32 HP Kohler Engine undermount
  • New 4 wheel hydraulic steering SP Kit
  • New style hopper
  • Soft start electric clutch
  • Light kit
  • New Fuel Tank
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    Dealer Information

    2310 Sparrow Drive, Nisku, Alberta T9E 8A2, Canada