2019 AT Films AG FLEX 7 LAYER

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PRICE: $920.00
YEAR: 2019
MAKE: AT Films
STOCK#: 8595_BAGAT10X250

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10′ x 250′; 12500 Bushel Ag Flex 7 Layer Grain Bags **($920 is bag price by the pallet; $975 is the regular bag price)
Other sizes and brands are available; call for pricing: (9 x 250; 10 x 300; 10 x 400; 12 x 500)


  • 7 layers of prime polymer
  • Smart Structure Technology
  • Resists cracks; tears and punctures
  • Stands up to extreme weather and UV rays
  • Made in North America 9′ Mil
  • Ag Flex 7 Layer Grain Bags (**as well as our other option Up North bags) are manufactured in North America. These grain bags are continuously monitored for quality and specifications before; during and after manufacturing.

    The industry’s first 7-layer protection using SmartStructure technology.
    No two seasons are exactly alike; so get the grain bag that stands up against the most unpredictable weather. A dedicated 7-layer polymer bag provides 50% more tear and puncture resistance; and 40% more anti-slumping compared than previous generation 3 layer bags. Speed up harvest time by skipping trucking off site. Haul your crop to market or to storage at your convenience. AgFlex 7-layer grain bags block sunlight and reduce temperature to leave your stored grain exactly as it is from the day you bag to the day you take it to market. Each grain bag has optimized thickness to reduce waste while remaining strong against punctures and tears.

    AgFlex grain bags are field tested and store grain in all seasons. Trust a leader in agricultural technology that has a high standard for excellence in their grain bags.

    Grain Bag AgFlex Features:

  • New 7-layer technology provides: stiffness; puncture resistance; tear resistance; and sunlight blocking.
  • Speed up harvest time with storage bags in the field; ready to extract at your convenience
  • Compatible with grain baggers and high capacity grain bag extractors
  • Field tested design built to last through harsh climates
  • Oxygen-limiting properties protect grain from spoilage
  • FDA compliant resins safe for human and animal grain storage
  • Guaranteed to withstand up to 24 months of normal UV exposure
  • 100% recyclable bag
  • **Call your local Flaman representative to ask about savings on pallet volume orders while supplies last!!
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    Dealer Information

    2310 Sparrow Drive, Nisku, Alberta T9E 8A2, Canada