2018 K-Line Ag 2995P 31'

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PRICE: $153,043.00
YEAR: 2018
MAKE: K-Line Ag
MODEL: 2995P 31'
STOCK#: 8160_IMS700390


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K Line 2995P 31′ Speed Tiller

  • 31′ Operating Width
  • 76 Discs
  • 5″ Disc Cut Spacing
  • 24″ Disc Size
  • 4 x 425/65 x 22.4 Wheels
  • 26460 LBS
  • 300-425 HP
  • 12.6′ Transport Width
  • 13.1′ Transport Height
  • Massive disc cutting force (540kgs per disc; at 2″ deflection)

  • Digs like an offset in hard soils
  • Better control of working depth in soft soils
  • Excellent fuel savings with accurate depth control
  • Superior shattering in heavy trash conditions
  • Undercut disc angle design

  • Lifts the soil for less compaction
  • Single disc arm and active torsion system

  • Trash flow and incorporation
  • Superior performance in stony soils
  • Leading design of disc arm

  • More clearance between disc and jump arm for superior trash flow
  • Designed with excellent clearance between disc and disc arm
  • Keep moving when other machines are blocked
  • Our highly designed; extra heavy duty disc hubs are unmatched for superior performance in extreme conditions.


    Removable 5-bolt System

  • Reduced maintenance time & costs
  • Extreme Duty Hub Bearing

  • Unitised double taper roller
  • 125 KN Load capacity
  • Extra long life in abrasive soils
  • Trouble free operation
  • Security of mind – these hubs keep going!
  • 11 Step Sealing System Protected by bulletproof sealing system; consisting of

  • Stainless steel shroud
  • Gamma seal
  • Close tolerance labyrinth
  • 7-lip cartridge seal
  • High double lip oil seal on bearings
  • Seal entry point behind disc blade; out of main soil flow
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    Dealer Information

    92 Cook Rd, Moosomin, Saskatchewan S0G 3N0, Canada