2015 Arc Alloy Pro 1510

Item Information

PRICE: $7,495.00
YEAR: 2015
MAKE: Arc Alloy
MODEL: Pro 1510
STOCK#: 8590_FBA900200



2015 Pro Grain Grain-Bag Roller
Grain bags can be heavy and difficult to mange for clean up or recycling. The Pro Grain Equipment bag roller helps manage the clean up of used grain bags with ease; baling the spent gain bags into a recycle ready bale.

Plastic Bale: 3′ wide x 5′ high (300′ bag)
Cylinder: 40AGU08-10 – 4″
Hydraulics: 2000 PSI; 6 GPM minimum
Hydraulic Connector type: quick coupler
Tires: 14″ ST205-75
Dimensions: 66″ W x 135″ L x 8’2″ H
Weight: 520kg (1144lbs)

Featuring a no catch bag guide and to ensure consistent alignment when rolling; twine wrap system; spring-loaded bag tensioner/unloading ramp.
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Dealer Information

Saskatchewan 6, Southey, SK S0G 4P0, Canada