Keep Your Wheel Loader

A wheel loader is an important piece of machinery used in various industries worldwide, such as in logging, carpentry, quarrying, demolition, and construction. It is a heavy piece of equipment primarily used to load and move materials, such as soil, rock, sand, and other debris. This four-wheel-drive machine generally has a front-mounted bucket meant to scoop and transport loosely-packed materials.

Keep in mind that regular maintenance of this machine is part of the overall equation to ensure that it performs optimally and can last for many years. Here’s our maintenance guide on how to keep your wheel loader in top shape and working condition:

1) Schedule a Maintenance Routine

It’s best to set regular maintenance for your wheel loader, especially if it’s constantly used and abused. If you’re wondering what the upkeep routine requires, here are some of these:

  • Check for any loose, worn, or damaged components on your machine.
  • Inspect the tires to ensure they have the right pressure level, as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Look for any potential fluid leaks, whether with the oil or coolant.
  • Inspect the air filter system to ensure that there’s no accumulation of dust and debris.
  • Adjust the mirrors and ensure that they’re clean.

2) Perform Upkeep During Actual Work

It’s important to perform some regular maintenance measures during the actual work as well. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Monitor the machine for any warning signs. 
  • Be wary of irregular sounds, malfunctioning gauges, and changes in the operator’s display. 
  • Be sure not to overload the machine in terms of its bucket capacity.
  • Be mindful of how you use your wheel loader by following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

3) Have Trained Operators Work on the Machine

Did you know that there’s a huge difference between a trained operator and a mediocre one when it comes to driving and using the machine? As you may be aware, a wheel loader is a piece of heavy-duty equipment with a complex system. For this reason, proper safety orientation and training are imperative to avoid safety hazards. This is why you must educate yourself on the proper use of the machine and develop the appropriate skills and techniques required for its operation.

4) Check the Attachments and Extra Tools

Aside from the machine itself, don’t forget the wheel loader’s attachments and extra tools. These include the hoses, tilt and lift cylinders, wear plates, and attachment pins, among others. Similar to the primary machine and its inner workings, they are also subject to wear and tear, especially if left neglected for long periods. Because of this, they must regularly be inspected, cleaned, and maintained to ensure they are all working properly.

5) Pay Attention to the Working Area

Apart from the machine itself, you also have to pay attention to the working area. If you disregard the environment where it is constantly used, you may cause potential damages over time. Keep in mind that the harsher the environment, the more it will require maintenance because the machine will exert more power and take quite a beating.


At this point, you now know the practical methods on how to maintain your wheel loader. As outlined above, all it takes is to schedule a maintenance routine, perform upkeep during actual work, have trained operators work on the machine, check the attachments and extra tools, and pay attention to the working area. With all these maintenance steps, you’ll ensure that your wheel loader is always in top shape and working condition!

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