Tires for Trucks and Trailers

The importance of having a good set of tires isn’t always taken into consideration when people plan trips out of town. While city driving and short-distance trips might not feel a difference with tires that have seen better days, it is definitely evident on faster-paced roads. Different types of trucks need a good set of tires and wheels to keep safe, especially when snow is starting to fall. 

When it comes to overall safety while driving, it all boils down to the tires’ quality and alignment. Tires are the component that keeps vehicles on the road through friction, and the importance of the right tires is seen in the need to swap out to seasonal variants annually. Canada’s snowfall can be heavy, and this means that different types of trucks need to be well equipped with the right sizes and the proper tire pressure, all with a healthy tread condition. 

Finding the Tire Sizes for Various International Machinery

Many have a problem with the various international machinery standards in technology and heavy equipment. Typically, parts for American tools and equipment will vary from the ones manufactured in Asia. These different standards can make things like looking for the correct wheel sizes for trailers and other components challenging without a manual or guide.

Parts can’t precisely be mixed-and-matched for safety and compatibility reasons, so it helps to have the vehicle’s owner’s manual in hand at all times. Keeping this manual in the glove box or a folder will help operators make changes and stay informed on the fly. Losing the manual can be difficult, but thanks to the internet and Google, booklets for all the different kinds of trucks and international machinery are readily available in most cases. If nothing can be found, two more options exist.

The first is to browse forums and message boards for people who own similar models, followed by the option to contact the vehicle or trailer’s manufacturer directly to find the right information. It is so much easier to find the right components for various trucks in today’s world without needing to dig too deep. 

What Wheels and Tires Are Needed?

Finding the correct wheels for trailers is just as important as the ones for the truck. These steel wheels need to be high-quality to support heavy weights and accommodate larger cargo sizes. They need to be purchased in groups to carry loads adequately and require similar quality tires to keep these from sliding out or blowing up while driving on highways. 

If the wheel situation is sorted, finding the right tires to fit is also procedural and requires the correct reading and ratings to fit the steel rims well. 

Tire Measurement Guide

You might have seen the tire size number look something like “205/75/15.” Each of these numbers has a corresponding measurement, and they will be found based on what wheel you have purchased. The first number is the width in millimetres at the widest portion and not at the tread. Secondly, this middle digit is the sidewall’s height in millimetres as a percent of the width at its widest points. Lastly, the third part of the whole sizing unit is the opening of the tire in inches. Tire sizing is now universally accepted as measured in metric, which means that even imperial system countries read these in inches and millimetres. 

Tires can even come in various types, such as snow-capable and even made for trailers or trucks. Choosing the right ones will allow better load-bearing and safety during icy and slippery roads. 


International machinery may have various measurements and build qualities for components that go on different types of trucks and heavy equipment, but tire and wheel sizes stay similar. When choosing the right tires, it is essential to find the proper sizing and even the correct quality of products to match its use environment. Canada can have quite cold weather conditions in the winter, which means having the right tire types and pressures will help truckers and travellers stay safe. 

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