Heavy Duty Equipment Company

If you’re a startup, you might be having your company website. You might even be having 2 or more social media accounts to market your product. But have you considered emails as a marketing tool? Emails are the third most influential source of information and awareness for B2B audiences.

Small business owners need to make conscious decisions while investing their funds in marketing their business. While staying on a budget, email marketing is an excellent way to communicate with your customers.

In the highly competitive heavy duty equipment market, email marketing helps you advertise your expertise to your customers at a more personalized level. Here are a few email marketing guidelines that highlight your products to the customer effectively.

Have Compelling Subject Lines

The first aspect of your email that will attract your reader’s attention is the subject line before opening the email. Based on this subject line, the reader decides whether the email is relevant to their requirements or not.

For instance, if you’re a civil engineer or an architect, receiving an email with a subject line that says, ‘The New Excavator of 2018 For Your Construction Site!’ will stand a better chance of getting click than a subject line that says, ‘Introducing the new Case CX37C mini excavator model.’

The reason being, the first example states the year of the model which immediately attracts the attention of the viewer. Plus, it is more compact for efficient readability on any device.

Keep Texts Concise

After the reader opens your email with a boosted curiosity, ensure your text in the email maintains the level of engagement as well. Create smaller paragraphs with crisp sentences that deliver accurate information to readers. Having concise texts in your emails can benefit your mobile-user audience as well because most people view emails on their mobile devices. This helps them to read your emails quickly.

Create Personalized Content

While having email marketing campaigns of your brand, create emails that are personalized to the readers. Just by addressing the reader by their name can make your email more relatable and clickable.

Keep Images Small

Have high-quality images in your emails to attract viewers’ attention but keep the size of the images small so that it can load quickly when the email is opened and the images don’t cover the entire mobile screen. Images that are authentic and original can help the reader build trust with your small heavy-duty equipment company.

Have Responsive Designs

The most essential guideline for an effective email marketing campaign is to create a responsive design for your emails. Such emails can be opened on any mobile device that can access the internet and synchronize your data with an online drive.

Include Appropriate Call to Action

Have a clear call to action button for easy clicks. If your email contains a meaningful and relevant call to action, your customers will be compelled to purchase your product or service. Some call-to-action button examples are:

  • ‘Find your truck dealer here’
  • ‘Read more of our blogs here’
  • ‘Subscribe to our newsletter’
  • ‘Book a free test-drive’

It’s never too late to start an email marketing campaign for your heavy duty equipment company. All you need is some effective professional marketing assistance to help you kickstart your email marketing campaign and get a good return on your investments.