An excavator is a machine that is used for construction sites. It is a heavy duty equipment that can progressively excavate various types of soils . There are different types of excavators used for various applications such as landscaping, material handling, construction, demolition and river dredging.

Excavators come in different sizes and shapes depending on their utility. The different types of excavators are:

Crawler excavators

Crawler excavators

Crawlers are also called as compact excavators. Because of their high horsepower, these excavators are used for mining and other heavy duty purposes. Crawler excavator is a heavy duty equipment used to lift up debris and soil using hydraulic power mechanisms. It runs on a chain wheel system. They are the best alternative when it comes to grading or landscaping hilly areas. Their risk of sliding down the hill is minimal because of their versatile framework.


Backhoe Excavator

Among all different types of excavators that are available, backhoe is the most commonly used today. Its effectiveness is widely applicable in areas that may not be specific to excavation only. A backhoe excavator has a bucket that faces the driver. The bucket extracts soil by pulling it towards the driver before lifting. Backhoe excavators are used to excavate soil in mining or construction sites or unload waste in dumpsites. They are small in size as compared to the other excavators but they serve various purposes.

Suction excavators

Suction Excavators

Suction excavators are also known as vacuum excavators. They come along with a suction pipe that helps carry away loose soil and debris, cuts using sharp teeth at the edge of the pipe. Before the excavation begins, a water jet is used in order to loosen the ground. These types of excavators are used in places that require careful and safe exploration of underground elements.

Dragline excavators

Dragline Excavators

A dragline excavator is a heavy duty equipment that is slightly different and much bigger in size. These types of excavators are used in large scale applications. Dragline excavators can be further divided into standard mobile draglines and on-site draglines. On-site draglines are large size excavators that are assembled and built on site, while the standard ones are bigger than the back hoe excavators but smaller than the on-sites. Draglines are too heavy and can damage the roads so are transported in parts and assembled on site.

These are the different types of excavators available in the market. Although the functionality of all the various types of excavators is relatively similar, they exhibit minor manufacturer differences. An excavator is a heavy duty equipment that is used on a daily basis in construction sites. It is very important to buy your excavator from genuine, reputable dealers as it is a big investment.