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Dal's Fuel Injection & Turbos Ltd is a well established industry leader in fuel injection service, repair and rebuilding of gasoline, mechanical and electronic fuel injectors, turbo chargers and fuel pumps. We have two well facilitated locations, of certified technicians to serve you best. We also stock a large range of diesel fuel injection pumps, diesel, gasoline and electronic fuel injectors, as well as turbochargers. From common rail pumps and common rail injectors to mechanical injectors, we have the knowhow, the undisputed experience and competitive pricing to get you up and running.

At Dal's Fuel Injection, we provide our customers with years of experience in the industry servicing, repairing, remanufacturing and rebuilding of diesel, mechanical, hydraulic and electronic fuel injection systems, turbos, fuel pumps, and all related components. We provide extensive technical background with two very well maintained and well facilitated locations of professional certified technicians. After 50 years of experience and knowledge, we can offer our customers excellent, professional craftsmanship and service, dealing with high-tech fuel systems and all related engineered machinery. Stop in at any one of our 2 locations, and step out feeling well-cared for and accommodated.


Contact Information
Contact Name: Daljit Singh
Phone Number: (905) 670-0277
Unit 2 - 6771 Columbus Road, Mississauga, Ontario L5T 2J9