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Calgary Heavy Truck and Collision

Calgary Heavy Trucks was started by two brothers with a dream to continue their legacy in the trucking & parts industry. Many years ago, our grandfather owned a MACK dealership in Western Canada and our father also owned the MACK & VOLVO dealership in Southern Alberta. Being involved in the trucking business our wholes lives, we set out to create the best truck stop for heavy truck drivers. Together, we created a philosophy for providing truck drivers with peace of mind and convenience at the heart. Throughout the years, our philosophy has been entrenched in our daily business and has helped us build our reputation for fast, affordable, and efficient heavy truck repairs and maintenance for all operators of commercial heavy trucks.

We make sure our customers don't experience dealership frustrations such as excessive waiting times, high costs, and surprise fees. We provide full transparency with our services so our customers always know what they are going to receive. Whether you need used truck parts, repairs and maintenance services, or collision repairs after an accident, our full service truck repair shop can handle any situation. We're committed to making your experience better with faster repairs, lower prices, more options and the ultimate in convenience. We're not your average truck repair shop, we are growth partners for your trucking business.


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You should never have to sacrifice quality for routine truck maintenance or to get your heavy truck fixed after a collision. Our truck mechanics are experts at completing truck repair jobs quickly and efficiently so you can get back on the road. We enforce strict quality controls so that  you can always depend on the work we do. With the necessary certifications and credentials to inspect, upfit and repair long-haul vehicles of almost any variety, Calgary Heavy Trucks is the best place for heavy truck repairs that you can trust.

Contact Information
Contact Name: Tom Punt
Phone Number: 403.287.6888
7404 44 Street, Alberta T2C 3G7