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Full Line Dealership Products: Trailers, Boat Trailers, Axles, Truck Tarps, Trailer and RV Parts & Accessories.

When shopping for utility/work trailer parts, it is important to know all relevant dimensions  and capacities in order to find the best match. In the case of higher capacity (10,000lbs and up) brakes, brake hubs, axles, wheel hubs, and grease caps, it is also necessary to know the make of the axle in question.

Through our network of associates, several valuable services are available: Antique Vehicle & Farm Equipment Appraisal and Custom Build Trailers.

We offer an industry-leading custom-build trailers, whereby we build according to your specifications. In addition, arrangements can be made to ship you the parts you need wherever you are. We can also direct you to professional hitch installation, wiring and mechanical services. Several leasing options and programs are also available, allowing you the flexibility to help grow your business, while out Invoice Tracker provides corporate e-commerce solutions.

Contact Information
Contact Name: Ronald J. Belzil
Phone Number: 403-946-9930
5037 – 50th Ave., St. Paul, Alberta T0A 3A0