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heavy equipment dealer

Lickman Truck & Trailer offers commercial repairs and certified inspections. We carry a complete line of parts for the trucking industry including products like air conditioning, transmissions, radiators, and engine components. Located in Chilliwack and soon Abbotsford, we have one of the largest selections of truck parts available. Working with the biggest independent truck and trailer service network in Canada, Traction: Heavy Duty Parts, you can expect quality workmanship from trained and experienced technicians.

Lickman Truck & Trailer works with Traction: Heavy Duty Parts, one of the largest heavy duty aftermarket parts distributors in Canada and partner with more than 150 suppliers. With a wide selection of quality parts on hand, we can ensure repairs and maintenance you can trust to last. Lickman is your one-stop shop for all truck and trailer repairs. See our repairs and maintenance page for more details. Find us in Chilliwack and Abbotsford.

Contact Information
Contact Name: David Easson
Phone Number: (604) 793-9660
26-43915 Industrial Way, British Columbia V2R 3A4