Any heavy machinery used mainly to load or move dirt, debris, and other materials for construction projects is commonly called a loader. Loaders come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the type of work they are designed to. Wheel loaders have durable tires and powerful engines to help them carry heavy loads and transport them efficiently. 

Loaders have long been used as the perfect construction work companion as it makes everything easier and less cluttered during a project. They were designed to haul away debris and obstruction to make sure construction work is kept on schedule. To fully understand what loaders are and where they are used, here are a few things you should know about the loaders and excavator types.

What are loaders used for?

While excavators are mainly used for digging and demolishing, loaders are more for removing and transporting waste materials to a nearby dumping site or disposal truck. Whenever you see piles of rubble being loaded away from a construction site, those massive pieces of machinery you see around are probably loaders. Other types of loaders can also be used for light digging and even laying down pipes.

What are the different types of wheel loaders?

Wheel loaders are essentially divided into heavy and light categories. Light loaders offer versatility and are smaller in size designed only to carry light materials. On the other hand, heavy loaders are more used for industrial purposes because of their sheer size and power. Here are some examples of the different types of trucks used for loading materials:

Light Loaders

  • Compact Wheel Loaders – used mainly in confined spaced and offers great productivity because of its compact size. You can attach different types of tools and modify the loader according to your needs.
  • Small Wheel Loaders – Similar to compact wheel loaders, small wheel loaders carry light materials best in small spaces. However, they offer much more flexibility because of better handling.

Heavy Loaders

  • Medium Wheel Loaders – if you’re in the market for a more cost-effective option but still get the job done, then a medium wheel loader is perfect for you. Because of their moderate build, they offer safety, reduced operating costs but still manages to catty heavier materials quote efficiently. They’re also easily customizable to accommodate whatever loads your truck will be carrying
  • Large Wheel Loaders – The largest and heaviest of the class of loaders are equipped with powerful engines built for extended industrial use. Some of the largest loaders can even be modified to include backhoe, bucket and scoop attachments, and front-end loaders. Large wheel loaders are perfect for moving heavy debris and materials even in tough terrains.


Knowing the different types of loaders will help you decide which one to invest in and accompany you to your construction projects. Wheel loaders are quite the versatile type of equipment that can do almost any kind of construction work. They offer the option to be modified to suit whatever your needs are in a particular project. If you want to learn more about wheel loaders and other construction equipment, contact your local truck dealer.

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