The world of construction can be quite divided when talking about optimum materials to set budgets. However, there’s one thing that many firms can agree on: it’s impossible to complete a successful project without the right excavator on the premises.

Over the years, the Canadian construction industry has seen its fair share of developments that have allowed businesses to best serve client needs in innovative and efficient ways. One thing that hasn’t changed is the widespread impact of excavators on the overall productivity of work sites.

Whether you’re working on a small or big project, in the city or deep in the remote provinces, there will always be a specific kind of digger-and-mover that belongs in your rotation of available equipment. If you’re in the position to invest in a new model to keep up with operational needs, you need to find the best excavator for your company’s needs.

Key Factors to Consider

With hundreds of different options available in the market today (and dozens that are ready for acquisition at Heavy Duty Direct), finding and buying the right excavator is easier said than done. Fortunately, if you shop with the right factors in mind, you may find yourself eager to meet this challenge!

To best ensure that you end up with the best excavator for your projects, here’s a quick rundown of the factors you need to watch out for: 

1. Your Job Site Location

Expert acquisition officers for construction companies have to know what kind of location they’re working with before searching around for excavator options—and for good reason.

Excavator designs and variations largely depend on the sort of site that it’s built to service or work on. Some excavators are built to work on larger planes of rugged terrain, while others are made for smaller sites on paved or flatter surfaces that conventional options can’t work with.

By understanding which type of site you’ll be working on, you can ensure that you arrive at a streamlined and well-suited selection of options that are easier to choose from! 

2. Preferred Specifications

Now that you know what type of site you’ll be working on, it’s time to move onto the nitty-gritty by looking into critical specifications that can prove beneficial for your needs.

Over the years, the way heavy equipment manufacturers have approached building excavators has evolved to the point where it’s much easier to ensure buyers have options tailored to their precise needs. For an overview of what you can combine and deal with to ensure that you have the perfect excavator worth buying, here’s a rundown of core excavator specifications worth considering: 

  • Arm breakout force
  • Engine horsepower
  • Hydraulic flow
  • Lifting capacity
  • Maximum digging depth
  • Maximum loading height
  • Maximum reach (ground level)
  • Operating weight
  • Attachment versatility


When it comes to purchasing the perfect excavator for your construction company’s needs, there are various factors you should look into before making a final choice. By keeping this guide in mind, you will find the right option that’s tailor-made to your every need! 

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