Any business needs to own vehicles for transportation. These could range from average cars that employees can use to vans to transport many employees and equipment for an event. This certainly rings true for construction companies, where the vehicles that they use are for transporting materials and hauling heavy equipment. 

Most construction companies use a single type of vehicle for their projects, which is a truck. However, no same type of truck is used for the same purpose. It’s essential to know the many different kinds of trucks and which one works best for a specific project. 

If you’re planning to get a truck for your business, read on below to know more.

Box Trailer Truck

A box trailer truck is an ideal truck to use if you’re planning to transport cargo. As the name implies, cargo is stored in a trailer that looks like a box. It’s protected well enough since cargo is stored between four walls and a roof.

The doors of the trailer can be a drawback to using box trailer trucks, however. It’s the only path where you can remove cargo. As such, if you need to get cargo that is situated at the front of the trailer, you will need to remove a lot of cargo from the back first.

Flatbed Truck

As the name implies, a flatbed truck has a flatbed and on that flat surface is where you can store cargo. This allows for more options when it comes to transporting cargo. Another good thing about flatbed trucks is that they have a high capacity for cargo weight so that they can do a lot of heavy lifting.

While having free space to place cargo, it can also be the disadvantage of flatbed trucks. Since it has free space, there are no walls and a roof to protect whatever you’re transporting. Aside from that, you also have to secure the cargo using chains, heavy-duty ropes, or pretty much anything you can use to bind a heavy load into place.

Dump Truck

Dump trucks are used when transporting certain materials. The most common material that uses cargo for transportation is dirt, which is used for construction. Dump trucks offer increased protection for cargo which is in the form of four walls. It has a lift mechanism to make the dumping of dirt or gravel easier.

A disadvantage of using dump trucks is that they don’t have a roof. For this reason, light materials like dirt can fly off when met by high speed while driving. If you wish to incorporate additional protection, putting a tarp system at the top can help.

Tanker Truck

Tankers are only used for transporting liquids. Tanker cargo is usually fuel, oil, gas, or any other combustible liquid. On rare occasions, they can also act as a dump truck since they can also transport sand. There are heavy-duty tankers that can carry up to 9,000 gallons of liquid. On the other hand, light-duty tankers can carry up to 1,000 gallons of liquid.

While there’s no initial drawback to using tanker trucks, again, the only use for them is for transporting liquids except for a few unique materials. With this in mind, they can’t transport any other cargo.


Trucks are a significant investment when it comes to a business. There are several types of trucks, and each one has a specific purpose and use. You’ll need to analyze your options carefully before committing, but if you utilize trucks well, they will get the job done!

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