Agriculture has been transformed by technology to increase output and quality of goods. Today, farmers who are still breaking their backs using traditional agriculture tools are wasting their time.

Tractor that was once the epitome of technological genius in the agriculture sector is old news. The strength of modern equipment has transformed the agriculture industry for the better. These are the latest tools available to farmers and their uses.

Tractor Uses



Old is gold and this is true for the tractor. This excellent piece of machinery can address most of your agriculture needs. With wheels designed to move steadily on the uneven ground these machines work well even on flooded fields. A tractor attached to a plough can help you till the field. Attach it to a cart and you can carry your goods or cattle to the market. Carry heavy duty equipment around the field using your tractor. Move earth around in the field with the help of a tractor.

A walking tractor is a powerful single axle machine that can help with small scale horticulture and ornamental work. These machines are generally used for the cultivation of gardens.


Tractor Combine


Basically, a lawn mower but bigger in size, Combines help you chop hay for livestock. A Combine has a comb cutter to cut the plants mature grain and a long rake in front of the machine. It helps segregate the grain from the crop.


Tractor Plough


A remarkable piece of agricultural equipment, meant to furrow into the earth for the planting of seeds. A ploughs greatest advantage over a tractor is that it is easier to shift the earth using its powerful blades.


Tractor Drag


A machine meant to break wood, metal, and solid particles in the farmland, segregated by the plough. The solid particles impede the growth of crops in the area.


Tractor Sprayer


A tank filled with insecticide, fungicide, or pesticide is sprayed uniformly over crops using these machines. A gas mask must be worn as these chemicals can cause us harm.

Tillage planter

Tillage Planter


A tillage planter comes in handy for hard agricultural land that cannot be shifted easily using a plough. This piece of equipment is meant to sow seeds in the ground without requiring any prior tillage.


Agricultural Fertilizer Equipment


Fertilizer is an essential requirement for the healthy growth of crops. A fertilizer distributor only requires the farmer to add the manure in dump tube and spread it around his field.


Farm Equipment Packing


This equipment is used to pack hay or cereal crops into bales. The complex mechanism inside the machine sure saves a lot of time for farmers who need to bundle up their forage.

With these modern tools farming has become more of a science rather than an art. No farmer can complain about the improved productivity and efficiency that these machine have to offer. Take a look at our inventory at Heavy Duty Direct to find the latest farm equipment available in the market. You can buy or sell old farm equipment here as well.

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