Agricultural Equipment

Farm equipment plays a prominent role in the world of agriculture. These agricultural equipment decrease the effort and time needed by the farmers to accomplish farm tasks such as planning, cultivating, and harvesting of crops.

Canada is the largest exporter of U.S. agricultural equipment with $2.6 billion in exports. Farms in Canada usually require many different pieces of equipment to function properly and ease the tasks. Let us discuss some readily available farm equipment for sale and their usage.


This farm equipment, piece of a common machinery which is used to prepare your field for the crops. A plow is the most basic tool of the farmer. It essentially helps to break and pulverize the ground for the crops. Plowing helps the soil to hold its precious moisture and circulates air. There are many types of plow such as chisel plows, moldboard plows, and disc plows, etc.  A plow is a farm machine that can be attached to heavy agricultural equipment like tractors.


Seeders are used to plant the seeds in the ground. It is used for even distribution of seeds on the land. The broadcast area of each seeder is depended on the seed size. Some seeders can seed and fertilize at the same time. Broadcast seeders are also used for spreading salt. A seeder can is usually connected to the tractor with a drawbar or a three-point hitch.


Harrows are secondary tillage. It is mostly used after a plow. This farm equipment disintegrates all the soil on the surface in a field. The idea behind a harrow is to break the clods of soil to make it easier for plants to grow. Harrows were originally drawn by draft animals such as horses, oxen or mules. In modern practice, they are used as tractor-mounted implements, either trailed by a drawbar or mounted on the three-pitch hitch.


There are several types of threshers depending on the kind of crops such as wheat, peas, soybeans, and other small grains. A threshing machine is used to separate the grain from the straw or other light materials. Combine harvester, a combination of thresher and wheat binder reduces the work. Some thresher machines are equipped with a bagger. Other machines discharge grains from a conveyor.


Balers are machines that compress and bind material into compact shapes. This farm equipment is used to collect hay, straw or corn stalks and put them into either a round bale or a square one. Hay is used to feeding livestock and can be used as bedding for your farm animals. Main types of bailers are square balers and round balers, and they come in various sizes. Small round balers can be moved by hand or lower-powered equipment like ranchers. Large bales require special transport and moving equipment like a self-loading or unloading hay trailers.


Tractors are the primary piece of equipment used for towing, drawing and pulling heavy objects, and other pieces of farm machinery. There are many types of tractors designed for specific jobs. Tractors are available in various sizes, capacities, styles and suits all the farm. Various trailers or smaller farm equipment for sale can also be attached to tractors and customized for different purposes.

Different farms need different kinds of equipment. There are many farm equipment for sale that are available at a reasonable rate to people who need agricultural equipment. Apart from these basics, there are some other types of equipment such as fertilizer spreader, harvester, irrigation, grinders, pumps, etc. Contact us to get the perfect agricultural equipment that matches your requirements at competitive pricing.